Angel Fritz art
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Activating Joy Through Color and Connection


Welcome to my place of connectivity

My name is Angel, I'm a painter, creative guide and human connector.


I believe that art can raise our level of joy and usher more love into this world. I trust that creativity is a direct connection to divinity. I know that the act of making is less about a finished painting than a process of transformation and evolution.

Come on in


My Story

My work is an invitation. To step into your unfolding. To open your heart. To fill yourself with joy. And to let that joy ripple out into the world.



Here you will find intuitive layers illuminated by vibrant hues, geometric shapes inviting focus and presence, iridescent abstracts expressing my joy.



I am dedicated to supporting others who are journeying down their own path of awakening. I offer insightful and powerful awareness gems to help illuminate the way with an inside peek into my studio and my creative process.