Artist Statement

My work is an invitation. To step into your unfolding. To open your heart. To fill yourself with joy. And to let that joy ripple out into the world.

Reflecting our capacity for transcendence, the serenity and wisdom of nature, and the pleasure of play, my mixed-media paintings are a fusion of authentic inner exploration and purpose. As a self-taught artist, I practice the art of connection, I open up to the creative flow and surrender any expectations or desired outcomes. I gather my brushes, turn my music on, and with a childlike wonder, I begin to play with paint. Each decision is made in direct response to joy; each new layer a celebration of freedom and transformation.

I ask, what comes through me if I simply trust? And the canvas reflects my answer

The colors and shapes of my surroundings often make their way into my paintings. I delight in the natural world, and take inspiration from the sunsets, the sand, and the sea. Mesmerizing shapes dance across the canvas, emerging from layers of color and delicate brush strokes. Vibrant acrylics, metal leaf, and layers of interference paint add a rich shimmer and shine. While the finished pieces culminate in surprising images, I am always most moved by the underlying feelings experienced during the creative process - joy and serenity - Freedom! I often step back from the canvas after hours of late-night creating and experience a sense of delighted amazement that the work I see has moved through me.



Angel Fritz, Creative guide. Joy-Seeker. Human Connector.

In 2000, I encountered an evolutionary spiritual teacher who has guided me on a deep and powerful inner journey. Through incredible love, transformative teachings and life-changing lightbody activations, I woke up to my creative callings and began the inner quest of self transformation. I walked away from a professional career, rekindled my creative fire and returned to an early love - painting. I am self-taught. Guided by muse and spirit, I let joy lead the way.

Through my paintings I aim to bring high vibrational artwork into our world to energize, beautify and activate joy in myself and others.

I live on Hatteras Island in North Carolina where the stunning colors of the sunsets and sea seem to always make their way into my work. I delight in luminescent, vibrant images, and allow intuition and inspiration to flow through me onto the canvas, often taking shape as iridescent abstracts, naturescapes and melting sunsets

angel-2019-291 edited.jpg

1993 I met the love of my life.

Tom has been my champion, my challenge, my laughter and my adventure partner. Five years ago we made the decision to simplify our lives, sell everything we own and move to Hatteras Island, North Carolina. We like to say it's "paradise with teeth" which keeps us on our toes. Now our days are spent enjoying our solitude, soaking up the sunsets, full moons rising, bonfires on the beach and star gazing. Tom is a very talented writer who brings so much laughter to our world through his wit and long winded prose. I hope you'll take a moment to check out Tom’s writings.